How to Waterproof your Basement

Preparing a Home for Basement WaterproofingHow Important Is It to Do Basement Waterproofing

The basements are not found in all houses but having one act like a bonus to the homeowners. A good healthy and dry basement adds up to the better assessment of home and features like a valuable asset. It can be used as an added room or even for the storage of many of the home items. But before you can use it for some good purpose you need to ensure that your basement in all waterproof and dry. Leakage of water and other moisture-related problems are one of the most common problems that lead to an unhealthy basement. With good care, you can get rid of such problems.

Significance of basement waterproofing

The basement waterproofing is a technique that is employed to a basement so as to check the water from entering it and thereafter bring good stability to the structure and health of the basement as well. To make this work, good drainage system and sealers are needed. The areas where ground water builds up need waterproofing for sure because if it leads to increasing in water table then a hydrostatic pressure gets built and that in turn compels water to move into walls and floor. Any structural damage and conditions like dampness and water issues can be resolved with efficient basement.

Types of basement waterproofing

Experts categorize waterproofing into three further types. The first one is the interior wall and floor sealers that are not much effective when you have hydrostatic pressure building up, but it can be used to put a check on high humidity issues. Other types are interior and exterior water drainage. In case of the interior drainage the water is carried away from the foundation using a sump pump. The third type that is called exterior drainage involves the application of polymer compound to the exterior foundation wall. All these help in the improvement of stability of building structure.

The time frame

It is always advisable to get the basement waterproofing done when a new home is being constructed because it costs you less, and the things are taken care of in the starting only. But if you have an already constructed building, and you find water leakage or moisture problems inside it then you must at once call the experts to do the required waterproofing work.

The benefits of waterproofing

Talking of benefits, they are numerous. Just to start with you get rid of all possible health issues that an unhealthy basement can lead to. Secondly, you get a decent dry place that you can even choose to live in and last but not the least you infuse a good stability in your structure. Once the proper basement waterproofing is done then, you will not see ant mold or mildew growing or creeping into your basement walls and floor. After that, you can use space for storage and remain assured that the objects or appliances will not get deteriorated. Like this, there are so many benefits that you can pleasure after getting the basement waterproofing done. Always remember to choose the best people for this work.