Wet Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Unless basements are waterproofed, they are vulnerable to water intrusion. Saturated soil conditions will often lead to leaks at the following locations: 

  • Where the foundation wall meets the floor
  • Through cracks in the foundation wall & floor
  • Over the top of the foundation & window sills

After spending 8 years helping to run the family roofing business and then starting his own painting company, Mark Steiner re-careered into the crawl space and basement waterproofing industry. He is fully trained in waterproofing installation / design and crawl space encapsulation protocol. His diverse experience base and excellent problem-solving skills make Mark an invaluable asset to Dry Pro!

Professional, Certified Waterproofers in North Carolina

Protecting your home means more than just stopping groundwater. It’s also important to keep an eye on your home plumbing, including the water heater and washing machine.

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